Refreshing and relaxing Swedish massage

Massage is one of the most ancient ways of healing. Its unbelievable power is commonly used by modern science for relieving anxiety, strengthening the immune system and minimizing pain.

Stress and anxiety show itself in almost every part of our lives, affecting the health of our body and soul, our intellectual performance and social functions.

Stress often causes physical pain. If it is not taken care of, it can easily cause sleeping troubles, edginess, migraines.
Thats where the saying, “ We carry the weight on our shoulders” is coming from. The tension in the trapezius muscle is caused by stress.
It doesn’t select by age or gender, so it is recommended for all to pay attention to one’s body and should regeneration.
You would not believe , helpful it is to have a little “Me Time” whenever it is possible!

The massage is fully customized to each individual!
The healing and relaxing procedures method are based on pre-consulted facts to make sure you will get exactly what you need.

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Beneficial Effects of the Swedish Massage

This message aligns with your special needs, relaxes the gripped muscles, minimizes back and spine pain and several other muscle pains.

  • It helps control the intellectual and emotional tension, which are often appear in sore muscles.
  • Regenerates and vitalizes the whole body, enhances blood circulation, digestion and helps the body to detox.
  • It has a nourishing, rejuvenating effect on the skin, caused by the mechanical urges indicated by the massage.
  • Cuts back on the bad effects of sitting a lot at work.
  • It helps to eliminate or puts an end to sleeping problems.
  • Regenerates and vitalizes the whole body.
  • Strengthens the muscles.

It is mandatory to consult with a doctor, before choosing this massage, with the following diseases:

  • acute ignition
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • heart and vein system problems
  • phlebitis
  • due to illnesses with enhanced hemophilia
  • tumorous illnesses
  • bone atrophy
  • fever

Muscle pain? Sedentary job? Frequent headache? Or you would just like to relax and have a moment of ease?
Please call to schedule an appointment on +36 70 949 65 01 or via message on the contact page.


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