Back-, Neck-, Shoulder massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Massages performed on the most problematic areas of the back-.neck- and shoulders, to relieve pain, put an end to the ties in the muscles, to enhance the positioning of the full body and to disengage stress.

The often said cliché is “ You have time for what you want to make time for”. Well, this is very accurate in my opinion, but what if one is struggling with a tighter schedule then usual, because of family, work, etc.?

Unfortunately, they cannot escape the shoulders,back – and neck pain either. My studio gives you the opportunity to have shorter massages, especially to these areas only.
Don’t get used to living with the pain, for appointment call +36 70 949 65 01 or schedule or via message on the contact page.

andrea relax masszázs


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andrea relax masszázs
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